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Volunteer Connect: Florida’s Official Volunteer Opportunities Platform

Volunteer Connect serves as an intermediary between Floridians who are interested in engaging in community service and 501(C)(3) organizations and governmental entities that mobilize volunteers.
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  • Filter volunteer opportunities by searching keywords, locations, interest areas, time availability, populations served, and more.
  • Browse at any time, but create a volunteer account to sign up for posted volunteer opportunities.
  • Manage your profile and service history with a volunteer account, to include verified hours served, past and upcoming projects, and more.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities, searchable by date, location, issue area, population, age group and more.
  • Schedule volunteers for specific shifts or their general interest in opportunities. Volunteers can sign-up automatically or express an interest.
  • Track volunteer sign-ups, actual attendance and service hours, as well as email individuals or groups of volunteers.
  • Generate reports about volunteer opportunities, contacts, hours and more.

Keep in mind that using Volunteer Connect in any way means you agree to the Volunteer Connect Terms and Conditions.

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